By Your Own Hand (Original, 2022)

I hate fishes. So I decided to draw more of them. To visualise just what I hate about them. 

Guilt (2022)

Am I Going (original, 2022)

Quote from Sally Rooney's Beautiful World Where Are You, the first book I read in 2022 and which I enjoyed greatly.

Nothing Left (2022)

Based on the theme "Null"

Stay With Me (Original, 2022)

I want you... but from afar.

Impermanent (2022)

All existence is impermanent.

Indulgence (Original, 2022)

All that bloom must wither, and all that prosper must fall.

bloom/shadow (2022)

Odd Bloom (Original, 2022)

you sit around, and then you die

Hope Runs Dry (2022)

Who are you when spring is over? (Original, 2022)

When spring is over and all the sickly sweet flowers fall from your face, what is left?

Everything was ruined (original, 2021)

Purple Clouds (Original, 2022)


Quote from Tracer by Hiroyuki Sawano


Quote from Heaven by Mieko Kawakami


Quote from The White Book by Han Kang

Salvation (Original, 2022)

Pumpkin Bean (original, 2022)

The Edge of The World (original, 2021)

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