Festive things in 2022
Endless GIG is my attempt at illustrating magazine covers, inspired by The New Yorker. It's named after the last episode of the Ghost in the Shell (TV series), one of my favorite shows.
Fanart - new styles
Moving away from the usual kind of fanart I make, I'm trying to incorporate more stylization, while still retaining distinctive elements.
Mob Psycho
One Punch Man
Tower of God (TV Series, 2020)
The Rising Of The Shield Hero (TV Series, 2019)
Demon Slayer (TV Series, 2019)
Pokemon Diner - What would Pokemon look like on a fine-dining menu? The question no one asked and no one wants to find out, but here we have it!​​​​​​​
Hands off Eizouken (TV series, 2020)
Mars Red (TV series, 2021)
Night In The Woods (video game, 2017)
Die Anywhere Else and Astral Alley were my favorite songs in this game, which I greatly enjoyed.
Sketching on a borrowed iPad
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV series), Kakegurui (Manga), MASK ON (original), Boogiepop and Others (TV Series)
I love this podcast
This quote is from The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. A great read, though heartbreaking.
The world is ending (Right)
Photos by me, or from Unsplash. Text by me
Lunar New Year cards
I drew them in 2021, for 2022's year of the tiger.
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